Piece Meal

Meal planning for growing, dynamic families

Learning how to parent is difficult enough, without having to worry about meal times.

But that's what millions of parents do every day. Their children do or don't eat certain foods, presented in one way or another, together with one thing or another. Whether it's allergies, intolerances or just preference. Throw some neurodiversity into the mix and it's hard to keep everyone happy all of the time.

As a parent, you can quickly find yourself preparing as many meals as there are people in your household, if you're not prepared and organised.

Some people might say - why not just make your kids eat the food you give them. Well, that usually ends up in a confruntational situation, anger, yelling and ultimatums. The path to bedtime is supposed to be as stress free as possible.

Ultimately, if you get mealtimes right, and each member of the family has their fill, bedtimes are smoother, sleep is improved and the next morning is given the best opportunity it can.

That's where Piece Meal comes in. It's not just a meal planner, but a philosophy of how to approach mealtimes with growing children. You can plan out pieces of meals for the week, taking into account your families preferences, providing a selection to choose from.

A wholesome approach to feeding healthy and happy families.

We hope you enjoy what's coming!

Easily plan your family's meals with ease, taking into account everyone's preferences

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